Particle size probability maps of turbidite deposits have pr

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1. probability maps of grain size for beaches and shallow seas
The particle size probability map of beach sand is composed of three or four particle sizes. The jump is generally divided into two straight lines, the slope of which is slightly different but steeper, indicating good sorting. The jumping component has this characteristic because it includes two kinds of sedimentation: wave wash and reflux. The contents of suspended and rolling components are very small, correspondingly, the line segments on the figure are very short, some of them are small.
Figure 4-17 Beach Sand Particle Size Probability Map
1.5 0.250.125 0.067
1.5 0.25 0.125 0.067
1.5 0.250.125 0.067
Figure 4 - 18: Particle size probability maps of beach dune sand and shallow sea sand in wave zone
1. Granularity Probability Map of Delta and Estuary Dam
The delta is a complex transitional environment, which is located in the river and sea, and is a sedimentary complex formed by the alternation of sea and land. From the probability map of grain size, its form is also between river deposits and shallow sea deposits. However, due to the difference of material source, the specific location of sand deposits and the difference of flow intensity, the probability maps of delta sand are complex and diverse, and it is difficult to generalize with one model.
In fact, various sub-environments are included in the delta, and the grain size distribution characteristics of different sub-environments are different. For example, the grain size distribution of sand bar in tributary estuary is similar to that in shallow sea wave belt sand, but sometimes the suspended matter content is high due to its proximity to the estuary. For example, the tributary channel sand is composed of two grain size collections (suspension collectivity and jump collectivity). The suspended component content can reach 20%, and its probability pattern is similar to that of river sedimentary facies (Fig. 4-19).
2. Channel Particle Size Probability Map
The main characteristic of the probability map of river sediment grain size is that the suspension is relatively well developed, and its content can reach more than 10%. The fine cut-off point between the suspension population and the jump population is relatively fine in the (2.75 3.5 0) interval. The overall content of jump is higher and sorted well. The slope of jump is mostly in the range of 60 65 and there is no rolling component (Fig. 4-2).
3. Probability Map of Turbidity Deposition Particle Size
The particle size probability map of turbidite deposits is characterized by poor sediment sorting, high suspension content and low slope. The intersection point between suspension and jump can be below W, which belongs to the crude component of better sorted jump handling (Fig. 4-2).

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